Urban Scaffolding

Kong Heng, Chiv Vengseng, Rim Virak – PPUC0012 _ 3rd Award

As we know, nowadays the Post Office area has been used by the public for parking in disorder way. Along the roads are used as the private properties, with businesses on every sidewalks. So that, we propose to create a project that is associated with urbanism in Phnom Penh. In creating this project, we have designed the Post Office area into 3 zones.

Zone 1

The concept design in the first zone (in front of the Post office) is to maintain this large public space by attracting people to visit and pay much more of their time as well as attention to enjoy here. The creation of this new public space is to use the scaffolding. As we are aware, the scaffolding is considered as a type of main construction tool in the architecture and construction fields. In every construction site, we need the scaffoldings for controlling and facilitating the construction works, and it can also be temporary shelters for workers. In the design, we reproduced out the picture of Post Office building directly by taken the size of the front elevation of the building from the ground floor to the 1st floor to be the floor plan, and the curved line were used on the floor plan layout in order to create a relaxation and tension released. The next step, is to raise up in height, which follow the curved line to keep the heritage value of the building by giving the spaces for people go through to view and enjoy the beauty of the building. That’s why we introduce the scaffolding in the design not only for the settlement but also for adding the more functional used as well.

In particular, the scaffolding structure is removable, and it is easy for installing in temporary use, and we also design it in 3 functions for each day. The use of lightweight wooden-panel made it easy for the preparation of a public space that is served and open to the people in many types including: sitting, resting, playing, and entertaining with the landscape of the spaces surrounding.

Due to the needs of tourists and the visitors in this site as well as to attract the local and international tourists, to get to know the site location clearer and the value of the heritage buildings, we made many mobile wooden-boxes to serve for the public space to have more meaningful and attractive. The mobile wooden-boxes are made from rubber-wood, in square shaped, and there are 3 types:  30 cm², 50 cm², and 70 cm². All of these odd numbers in Khmer represents the Remaining. These boxes are not heavy, and it is easy for moving and arranging as requirements. Moreover, one of the surface of the box is painted in red color to promote the beauty of the area and to catch up the eyes of the visitors. Then the boxes can be arranged for using in many events as well.

Zone 2

Some sidewalks are used by local people as their private properties. Along Ang Eng Street (Street 13), all the buildings are used for the commercial purpose, so they use the sidewalks as the parking or the business. The starting point of designing the track in front of heritage buildings is taken from the form of the front elevation of the building. The idea of the design is to enhance the beauty and to increase the safety for public uses, and pedestrians can walk on the new setting walkway with the view of the heritage buildings.

The establishment of a new concept by encouraging the local people to use the sidewalks effectively. The design of new walking way for pedestrians with the cement benches, and the metal frame with the light inside for the night time. The pedestrian street is about 2-meter, which allows 2 people walk together without walking on the road that is very dangerous. The red metal frame is placed on a pedestrian street that replicate the shape of the Post Office building that we mean to preserve the heritage building forms.

Zone 3

By lacking of the public parking and the uses of the public space for parking, we create the parking space to make the area become order. And we redesign the street 102 by leaving 4 meters width for sidewalk and 2 meters for parking. Then at the corner of the street 102, we also add the public furniture. So it will be easy for walking and parking as well.




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