The Flying Envelope

The Flying Envelope

Horn Sok, Din Sithika, Noun Sereyvuth, Korng Sovanneth – PPUC0018_ 1st Award

The Cambodia Post Office has provided mail related service since French Colonial time. Currently, the building has still functioned this important role. We use the picture of “envelop” and “paper airplane” to represent the Office square and its function and reflect its history. “Envelop” represents words, miss, and information. “Paper airplane” represents parcel delivery. We name the landmark “The Flying Envelop”, connecting people’s feeling to the picture of the Post Office square.

The Cambodia Post Office square is special as it is located in Phnom Penh downtown and connects several areas including: China Quarter, Riverside area and Wat Phnom Park. Furthermore, the square is home to many historical buildings left behind by French Colonial regime. However, we notice several incomplete parts there:

  • The area is quiet and quite inactive,
  • Some parts of the areas are turned into private places, and
  • It is not the subject of tourists’ interest.

To fill out those parts, we design additional functions by improving front area of the post and surrounding streets. Through this design, we expect that the area will:

  • Become dynamic,
  • Serve as meeting points for the public and attract the tourists,
  • Enhance the image of the surrounding historical buildings,
  • Improves the area residents’ living standard,
  • Increase communication amongst Phnom Penh residents, and
  • Connect the public spaces so that people can release their stress after their all day work.

To this end, our team makes the following designs:

  • We propose a big screen attached to front post office to public space
  • We propose “Food Square” to be added to the front part of the Post Office, providing facility for people to do meeting meal, countdown celebration, etc while they can enjoy the picture on the screen.
  • We propose a landmark connected to the identity and history of the area.




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