Revitalize Post Office Square

Revitalize Post Office Square

Sok Sopheap, Hun Sokagna, Seng Chanraksmey, Chhor Savin – PPUC0020_ 2nd Award

Post Office area was the heart of the French quarter during Colonial time. That’s why there are so many colonial government buildings in the area. Nowadays, it still remains as the charming and attractive place in the city, because of its atmosphere and the architecture style that show off the beautiful French colonial time to the people, especially to the tourists who enjoy the beauty of the heritage buildings.

In order to take care of these heritage buildings and create a new environment for the area to ensure the sustainable of this area, we need to look very far to the future of the area. We would like to look forward to the past for solving the present then take it to apply for designing the future and maintaining the value of history, aesthetic, social and research, that are the unique of the area.

The concept design idea is to make the Post Office Area become a touching place. We focus on the three main points with related to Activities, People, and Buildings.

1st, MAKE PEOPLE MEMORIZE THE IDENTITIES of these heritage buildings while some of them are being ignored and fail in to bad condition like the former police station, so they can lose and be forgot in someday. We want to wake up the buildings to make them become re-active. Also we want to transfer the street 13 to become a walking street, so that people can enjoy walking on the street safety and learning about the architecture style building in the area.

2nd, CONNECT AND INTERACT WITH CITIZEN, it is very important for thinking about the connection of local people and outside. I used to learn in my architecture school: “… People love to stay with others…” It is the best things to make people become closer and closer. Here, we create activities along the street during day and night time. So people can come here to play and relax. Also the mobile library is placed in front of the Post office square during afternoon. Then some other small streets are used for planting trees and seating, while all of them are transformed to the street food and multi-activities during night time. We propose a walking road from East side of Wat Phnom – the History site, pass the post office area through the street 13 until the River side – the entertainment place, and the existing night market.

3rd, TOURISM AND ARTS GARTHERING, the potential of the area surrounding plays a vital role in the Post office area. It provides lots of advantages, for it can promote and attract the local and outside visitors. These existing potential has already support the area, but it still is not enough for the area nowadays. That’s why we have the idea to promote this area in order to maintain the existing heritages, increase the local income, cut down the non-activities, and establish new arts activities that related to the area.





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