Phnom Penh Visions

Phnom Penh Visions is, one of Lumhor projects, an urban project which aims to show the new ideas for Phnom Penh from students, architects, artists and all kind of people for the future of the city. We are creating a regular feature in 7 days magazine where readers can submit ideas about what to do with any unused space in the city; any and all ideas are welcomed.


This time Phnom Penh Visions is a collaborative project between Lumhor Journal and Cambodian artists, Kong Vollak and Prom Putvisal, to show a new platform of ideas for Phnom Penh and it is part of Our City Festival 2014. We will try to bring together all the ideas and show them through the drawing and physical model of Phnom Penh city in the festival.

Last night was their opening at The Mansion. The exhibition will continue around 10 days for public.

Please visit their webpage here:

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