Olympic Stadium of Phnom Penh is 2016 World Monume...

Olympic Stadium of Phnom Penh is 2016 World Monuments Watch


National Sports Complex of Cambodia

@ World Monument Fund

World Monuments Fund was announced on October 15, 2015 on 50 sites from 36 countries put into 2016 World Monuments Watch list. In amount those 50 sites, Olympic Sport Complex in Phnom Penh was selected.

Olympic National Sport Complex was built from 1962 to 1964. The complex designed by architect Vann Molyvann and Russian engineer Vladimir Bodiansky. The stadium was built for hosting of the 1963 Southeast Asian Games, but the Games never happened. The stadium was instead completed a year later in 1964 and hosted many historical events and competition internationally. The stadium was divided into 3 main parts– indoor stadium, out door stadium and swimming pool.

Now a day the stadium still one of the iconic modern architectures in Phnom Penh and become one of the most important public spaces in the city.

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