Websites : Our Tours focus on buildings erected after Cambodia’s independence in 1953, a style described as “New Khmer Architecture”, while setting these within the historical context of Phnom Penh. : The Vann Molyvann Project aims to call attention to one of the most important collections of modern architecture in the developing world; to rigorously document it; and to inspire a new generation of architects.  : This work documents the relationships between water, architecture, and infrastructure in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The objective of the project is to record the architectural and urban conditions sustained by and subject to the cyclical floods of the city’s rivers, to describe the challenges faced by Phnom Penh as it rapidly urbanizes in a flood plain, and to explore the nature and agency of design in relation to these topics.  : Urban Voice is a map-based visualisation of developments in the urban space that allows anyone to contribute. The citizens of Phnom Penh have many different interests, and Urban Voice is the place where these can be brought together. : Living Arts City is an interdisciplinary practicum linking multiple courses and events at The New School created to provide an intellectual context for Season of Cambodia, a major international arts festival taking place in New York City.

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