Concrete Visions

Concept: Helen Grant Ross and Nico Mesterharm
Director: Nico Mesterharm
Camera: Lach Chantha, Hak Bunpeng
Editor: Jana Teuchert

The architect Vann Molyvann, who survived the Khmer Rouge Regime in Swiss exile, returned in 1991 at 80 years of age. Today, his buildings still play an important role in the character of the city of Phnom Penh. In April of 2005 Helen Grant–Ross, an Art historian and architect from the NGO (Non-governmental-organisation) “Khmer Heritage”, and Nico Mesterharm, interviewed Vann Molyvann for the on-going documentary project “Concrete Visions”. We showed him a 40-year-old film recording from the Cambodian Palace archive. The old man began to cry as he watched the rare footage of film, because it demonstrated the high developmental standards of the country, after the liberation from the French occupation, and also because it showed the unfulfilled dream of a Southeast Asian model state.

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