Envisioning the Future of Post Office Square


We believe design has a major role in shaping lives. Culturally, ecologically, contextually responsive solutions are powerful tools towards safeguarding futures, preserving characteristic of city and solving currently threatened realities.

Our competition is a place for ideas to grow into possibilities. It can build connections between multidisciplinary fields to facilitate positive developments toward local communities in Phnom Penh. This competition is also the platform for design which can be socially responsive and contextually sustainable: an enabler for growth. It is about preserving the wonderful variety of the characteristic of the city through sensitive solutions, progressing knowledge and action aims to supporting grassroots communities in the city like Phnom Penh.

Phnom Penh is the city of memory where the urban heritages are exciting side by side with new waves of urban possibilities. This is the premises for our challenge. The objective of this competition is to imagine a regeneration strategy for the public spaces surrounding the Post Office for the possibly sustainable developments in the future. The proposal could imagine the new uses of those spaces, and it might be that new uses can happen only in certain time frame of the day or of the week.



The Cambodia Post Office has provided mail related service since French Colonial time. Currently, the building has still functioned this important role. We use the picture of “envelop” and “paper airplane” to represent the Office square and its function and reflect its history. “Envelop” represents words, miss, and information. “Paper airplane” represents parcel delivery. We name the landmark “The Flying Envelop”, connecting people’s feeling to the picture of the Post Office square.

The Cambodia Post Office square is special as it is located in Phnom Penh downtown and connects several areas including: China Quarter, Riverside area and Wat Phnom Park. Furthermore, the square is home to many historical buildings left behind by French Colonial regime. However, we notice several incomplete parts there.



Post Office area was the heart of the French quarter during Colonial time. That’s why there are so many colonial government buildings in the area. Nowadays, it still remains as the charming and attractive place in the city, because of its atmosphere and the architecture style that show off the beautiful French colonial time to the people, especially to the tourists who enjoy the beauty of the heritage buildings.

In order to take care of these heritage buildings and create a new environment for the area to ensure the sustainable of this area, we need to look very far to the future of the area. We would like to look forward to the past for solving the present then take it to apply for designing the future and maintaining the value of history, aesthetic, social and research, that are the unique of the area.

The concept design idea is to make the Post Office Area become a touching place. We focus on the three main points with related to Activities, People, and Buildings.



As we know, nowadays the Post Office area has been used by the public for parking in disorder way. Along the roads are used as the private properties, with businesses on every sidewalks. So that, we propose to create a project that is associated with urbanism in Phnom Penh. In creating this project, we have designed the Post Office area into 3 zones.

Zone 1

The concept design in the first zone (in front of the Post office) is to maintain this large public space by attracting people to visit and pay much more of their time as well as attention to enjoy here. The creation of this new public space is to use the scaffolding. As we are aware, the scaffolding is considered as a type of main construction tool in the architecture and construction fields.




Prof. So Sokuntheary

Ms. Sarunya Lormaneenopparat

Mr. Hun Chansan

Mr. Seng Vannak

Professor of Architecture at Norton University

Founder and Director of SALA Design

Founder and Director of Re-edge Architecture

Deputy-Head of Urban Management Division, City Hall of Phnom Penh

Mr. Yam Sokly

Mr. Pen Sereypagna

Mr. Giacomo Butte

Mr. Roeun Virak

Director of Space of Architecture Cambodia and KA-Tours

Co-founder and director of Lumhor Journal, Country manager of the Vann Molyvann Project

Founder of Studio Publico

Tour guide at KA-Tours