Community Mapping and Design Toolkit

The Community Mapping + Design Toolkit is a Places for All project — — in collaboration with Sahmakum Teang Tnaut — —  in Phnom Penh ,Cambodia.
Authors: Meas Kimseng and Clarisa Diaz
Editor: Hallam Goad
Design and Photography: Clarisa Diaz
Assistance: Chiv Chanmaly, Ly Youy, Vuth Danith, Hay Dalin, Ket Mengcheang
What Is This For?
The purpose of the Community Mapping + Design Toolkit is to provide a starting point and guidelnes for those working with communities on mapping and upgrading projects. The toolkit is not a rigid set of actions to be followed methodically but provides pointers about where to start a process and how to keep it moving along while developing trust and discussion with a community. The end result of working with a community may include
a combination of mapping activities and infrastructural or housing upgrades that set a foundation for a community to continue its own development sustainably.
How Do I Use This?
Each tool in this toolkit is used to engage communities in a participatory process. These processes include:
1. The initial phases of working with a community including understanding a right to tenure security.
2. Strategizing through decisions about how to stabilize and improve living environments, and
3. Taking action from those decisions to create technical documents or co-designed upgrades.

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